Great tea works wonders and when we are talking about Darjeeling Tea in particular, it redefines our drinking experience.

Darjeeling Tips is a company illuminated under the umbrella of Darjeeling Tea Lovers. At Darjeeling Tea Lovers we provide our tea lovers fresh teas straight from the garden. Here at Darjeeling Tips we decided to move a step further and bring in, a BLENDING revolution for our tea connoisseurs.

Over the years we have had a loyal set of consumers who have liked our teas. Normally when you buy a tea it is from a SINGLE TEA GARDEN and is sent to you as we get it from the garden. As we call it AUTHENTIC GARDEN FRESH SINGLE ESTATE TEA. Most of the consumers develop a liking for a particular tea which suites their taste buds and look forward for similar teas in next season. It becomes almost impossible to replicate same flavour in the next season and as a result they have to look forward for something different.

Here at Darjeeling Tips we have tried to make a standard tea blend for each flush keeping in mind the reviews and feedbacks received from our customers. We have tried to meet each aspect carefully and assure to deliver similar pattern teas every year under the same tag. These blends could be from 2 or more teas blend together in the right proportion to deliver the best average tea suitable for every pallet. Also we have kept in mind the changing patterns of tea lovers and introduced Blends with Flowers, Herbs and Flavours.

For sure, these teas will be a real value for money teas, as the blend are so made in such proportions that the price is affordable too seeking good quality in a cup. The delicious tastes and health benefits make tea a wonderful beverage – much better than the unhealthy alternatives.

Darjeeling Tips‘ dream began with an idea, that people should enjoy fresh, high-quality Darjeeling tea in the form of a blend where we make the best balance of flavour and also keep the health of consumers in mind. We wanted to introduce to the people; the aromas, textures, and beneficial qualities of loose leaf teas while enlightening them with the history and variety of teas available. And this is how Darjeeling Tips was born.

After considerable research, only those teas with rich and unique flavors are selected for Darjeeling Tips and our expert tea tasters spend hours in making the perfect blend.